Guardian Energy

  • by Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent
    Experts call for sweeping policy changes and warn against Heathrow expansionExpanding Heathrow airport is unlikely to be compatible with the UK’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, leading scientists have said, adding that government policies are lacking in many other key areas from home insulation and transport to carbon capturing.Achieving the net zero […]
  • by Amy Walker
    Judges say greater leniency should be shown in cases of non-violent civil disobedienceA fracking protester’s sentence has been reduced by the court of appeal, which said greater leniency should be shown in convictions for non-violent civil disobedience.Katrina Lawrie, 41, was found guilty of contempt of court in June last year for breaching an injunction that […]
  • by Jessica Murray
    Blend of hydrogen and natural gas is being used to heat homes and faculty buildings at Keele UniversityZero-carbon hydrogen has been injected into a UK gas network for the first time in a groundbreaking trial that could help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.The 20% hydrogen and natural gas blend is being used to heat 100 […]
  • by Damian Carrington Environment editor
    Exclusive: Almost £2bn went to oil and gas despite a UK pledge to support cleaner energy in African countries More than 90% of the £2bn in energy deals struck at this week’s UK-Africa investment summit were for fossil fuels, despite a government commitment to “support African countries in their transition to cleaner energy”.Prime Minister Boris […]
  • by Adam Morton Environment editor
    Conservation group say the Norwegian energy giant refused to formally consult with affected groups The Wilderness Society has launched legal action challenging the environmental approval granted to Norwegian energy giant Equinor to explore for oil in the Great Australian Bight.The conservation group had flagged a possible court case after the proposal to deepwater drill in […]
  • by Graham Readfearn
    Exclusive: Bus company’s CEO Alex de Waal resigns from board of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation after support for coal project declared ‘clear conflict’A Great Barrier Reef conservation organisation has ended its partnership with bus company Greyhound just hours after Guardian Australia revealed the company’s contract at the controversial Adani coal project in […]
  • by Jillian Ambrose Energy correspondent
    Rapidly growing sector could prove lucrative as Britain seeks post-Brexit trade opportunitiesUK investors could seize a $24bn investment opportunity by helping to connect millions of people without access to electricity to off-grid home solar power systems.The market for pay-as-you-go home solar packages is expected to boom in Africa, where millions of homes are using mobile […]
  • by Larry Elliott and Graeme Wearden in Davos
    Comment came as Greta Thunberg demanded immediate action in DavosDavos 2020 – live updatesAnalysis: Trump hails 1tn trees plan but ignores roots of problemDonald Trump told the world’s business leaders to stop listening to “prophets of doom” as he used a keynote speech at the World Economic Forum to attack the teenage activist Greta Thunberg […]
  • by Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes
    Americans had the right to know the harms of smoking. They have the right to know the harms of the energy industry, tooGreta Thunberg summed up 2019 in five words: “Our house is on fire.” In Australia, this is now literally the case.Wildfires there have been raging for more than a month and now span […]
  • by Jillian Ambrose Energy correspondent
    Some companies have taken steps to combat crisis but report says more could be doneThe world’s energy watchdog has warned the oil and gas industry that it risks a public backlash by failing to act on the climate crisis in favour of making short-term profits.The International Energy Agency (IEA) said oil companies must balance their […]